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    Girl Powerful® Journal By Sonya Serge and Tedi Serge$17.99


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    Girl Powerful™ is a feeling you have when you are proud of yourself and you feel strong, confident, intelligent and one-of-a-kind. This guided journal taps into the power of the girl inside of you, leading you on a positive path of self-discovery.

    Sisters, Tedi and Sonya Serge, wrote the exercises in this book to help you navigate your feelings when you are faced with social situations at school, home or with your friends. When you are finished, you will have the tools to flex your self-love muscles in real life.

    This book can be done alone, with a parent or a small group. Each chapter has funky and empowering artwork you can hang in your locker or bedroom. Make every page your own – now go girl, go!

    “Girl Powerful has helped my daughter develop a strong sense of self. She has learned to journal and use language that helps articulate her emotions. Through reflective exercises and games she is encouraged to celebrate both her and her “sisters” individual strengths…and the concept that “girls can do anything” is deeply ingrained in the person she is becoming.” – Kerri S., parent

    “I have been an educator at the K-12 and college level for 28 years. I think this is a critical time to support girls in their socio-emotional development, as well as their academic and leadership development. I am honored to tell you that I think the work that Girl Powerful is doing is empowering and powerful for all young women. The materials included in their Girl Powerful journal is supportive and developmentally appropriate.” – L. Edmondson, Ed.D

    “We live in a time where girls are expected to be strong, empowered and confident. While these are positive expectations, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Girl Powerful offers girls the guidance and support needed for positive self-discovery. Like a best friend who sees only the best in you, Girl Powerful gives every girl the tools she needs to see the best in herself.” – Brooke F., K-5 educator and parent

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