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    Angela O'Brien, Founder of Cleobella

    You know when you see a woman and you think, “Wow, she’s special. I wonder what her trick is?” Angela O’Brien, founder of Cleobella is one of those illuminating women who inspires me by how she lives and breathes creativity, love, light and family…and it doesn’t hurt that she is always wearing a gorgeous dress from her line, Cleobella. Cleobella is an internationally recognized lifestyle brand that offers globally inspired products that uplift the cultures and traditions of the artisans creating them.

    Cleobella is helping Girl Powerful™ fundraise for our financial aid program for underserved girls to participate in our Girl Powerful Virtual Classrooms. 20% of online sales will go back to us using the code: GIRL POWER at check out, now until May 10, 2020.

    I have been following Angela and Cleobella for years on Instagram and am always enamored by how she shares her life through the camera from a genuine place. Her creativity sparks wonderment, femininity and adventure without making others feel mom guilt, inadequate or FOMO.

    Here are some of Angela’s “tricks” that make her glow and flow. 

    1.) What is your most (Girl) Powerful trait?

     I lead from my heart center, always.

    2.) What has been your favorite moment as a female founder building a clothing brand for women and girls? 

    There are more than one, however, the collective female community has been the greatest gift Cleobella has given me, with our artisans in Bali and India and our team in Southern California.

    3.) 3 tips for how to stay present and sane for parents who turned into home school teachers during COVID-19. 

    1. Meditate in the morning before the kids wake up, so I stay patient and present throughout the day. 
    2. Make learning fun by creating experiences, it’s not all about putting pen to paper, we are learning through cooking, gardening, and the arts. 
    3. Get dressed….Although I love the days we stay in our PJ’s all day, I find there’s a comfort within the chaos if we act as though we are leaving the house and put something nice on…there’s a different energy exchange we feel.

    This is me in the Amery Maxi Dress. Cleobella dresses make you feel like a goddess. Get yours today with our shop for a cause.

    Use code: GIRL POWER at check out, now until May 10, 2020. 20% will go to Girl Powerful 501(c)3 to fund our financial aid program for underserved girls.

    Shop Here:https://shop.cleobella.com/