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    Bala is a Los Angeles based movement company, founded in 2018 by husband and wife team Natalie Holloway and Maximilian Kislevitz. Their first collection, Bala Bangles, are stylish weighted bands that amplify the fitness benefits of just about any routine. Today, their line of fashion-forward fitness products are designed to bring a little something extra to a range of activities. They are carried in over 1,000 retail locations worldwide.

    What drew me to Bala is that there are three sisters on the Bala Team. Leading the way is Natalie, Co-Founder and CEO. Jessica Holloway, CX & Sales and Erica Holloway is the Brand Director. You normally don’t see three sisters running a company together. It is unique and really special — it reminds me of how much I love working with my sister, Sonya. #sisterpower

    The Bala Team has had an inspiring past, with a big win on ABC’s Shark Tank. They walked away with a deal of $900k and 30% equity to Mark Cuban and Maria Sharapova. I love tennis so seeing Maria Sharapova pick up this brand was really fun and motivating.

    Since Los Angeles is under “Stay-At-Home” orders we grabbed a few minutes from Natalie and ask her to share:

    5 Tips To Keep Moving…Even If You Really Don’t Want To.

    1) Listen to Music: Put on your favorite song or whatever genre that gets you going. Disco, rap, pop, whatever, use those beats to have a dance break, it’s active but it mostly feels just fun.

    2) Take advantage of all the free workouts out there right now! So many nice studios are putting up free workouts across all social media platforms, it’s nice because it feels like you’re getting a super quality workout that would normally be pricey.

    3) Fresh air and sun does wonders, take your daily walk but find a hill or stairs to challenge yourself a bit.

    4) We’re on the couch and sitting a lot right now. Try to stretch first thing in the morning or before bed especially if quarantine is making you feel anxious. The body holds onto tension that form in the mind and it’s important to stay flexible in both areas. Breathing deeply while doing so also feels amazing.

    5) Set a goal for the week, timer or daily reminder that you should move your body for 20 minutes a day to hold yourself accountable. Remind yourself through daily affirmation that movement is a gift to your body and being able to do so is a reason to celebrate (see #1)

    I love the idea of setting a timer for a gentle reminder to move. I totally agree with Natalie that fresh air is a must! I have been hiking with my sister, Sonya, and our dog, Hart, daily. It changes my entire mood for the day.

    Check out what the Holloway sisters are up to at www.shopbala.com. Keep moving and grooving Girl Powerful Universe. We’ve got this.

    xx, Tedi